Printing with the badge printer

Printing the visitor data on plastic badge is done using a special Evolis Tattoo Rewrite badge printer. Additional benefits of using this special badge printer:

  • Professional plastic visitors badge with picture of the visitor.
  • These badges can be reused up to 50 times through a special automatic erase/print-procedure by the printer.
  • The cost for printing 1 badge is about 0.03 €.
  • If desired, you can permanently print part of front rear with company logo or company details in the black or in full color.

Working with other badge printers ??

Our software works, of course, with any other type of badge printer. Badge printers of the brand Evolis as well as from other brands such as Zebra can be used.
The big disadvantage of these other printers is that you can’t reuse the badges.
The cost for these plastic “disposable” badge + ribbon of Evolis printers is 0.11€.