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Why choose ADECVisit visitor registration?

  • All visitor data remains on your servers. Nothing is stored online.
  • Our visitor registration software is already completely ready for the new GDPR legislation (= General Data Protection Regulation or AVG) that is mandatory from 25 May 2018.
  • Our visitor registration software can be completely adapted to your wishes.
  • You always want to know who is present in your company.
  • You can use a special badge printer that can re-use the badges up to 50 times = cost savings.

Use of the visitor registration system

Soon this video will be replaced by images from the new version of ADECVisit.

  The video below shows the use and capabilities of the visitor registration system.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us.

Opportunities of the visitor registration system

  • Pre-registration visitors (indiviuals and groups).
  • Self-registration (auto-inscription) or by the receptionist.
  • Within 10 seconds a professional visitors badge with photo is printed.
  • In case of evacuation the visitor registration system can print list of the present visitors with 1 push on the button.
  • Overview of visits : actual visits, announced visits in real time.
  • Link with badge printer.
  • Automatic reading of persons information with belgian electronic identity card (eID).
  • Reading personal information from international pasport and identity cards of 94 countries: reading all data by auto-scanning the identity document.
  • When you enter the visitors data manually, you can take a photo using a webcam to put on the visitors badge.
  • You can associate other documents to a visitor.
  • You can add a licence plate (parking management).
  • Several sites can be linked to each other. Site dependant room management.
  • Integration in kiosk system with touchscreen.
  • An email is send automatically to the employee or departement on arrival of his visitor.
  • An SMS is send automatically to the employee or departement on arrival of his visitor.
  • Wifi code mangagement with possibility to print the code on badge.
  • Link with Active Directory to import the employees and their email.
  • Database stored locally or on  HF C/S or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The software is multilanguage: German, French, English and Dutch.

Reading data

Reading of the visitors data is possible in many different ways:

  • Manual entry using a keyboard (possible in combination with a webcam for the picture of the visitor)
  • Reading the Belgian electronic identity card using an electronic ID reader.
    With one click of the mouse instantly correct spelling of last name, first name and other data.
    The photo on the eID card is also automatically read.
  • Reading of identity documents or passport of international visitors from 94 different countries using a passport scanner.
    The most important data and the photo can be automatically read.
  • For events with many visitors, the program can automatically load and process Excel lists of visitors.
  • Automated visitor creation using structured email traffic.

Printing with the badge printer

Printing the visitor data on plastic badge is done using a special Evolis Tattoo Rewrite badge printer. Additional benefits of using this special badge printer:

  • Professional plastic visitors badge with picture of the visitor.
  • These badges can be reused up to 50 times through a special automatic erase/print-procedure by the printer.
  • The cost for printing 1 badge is about 0.03 €.
  • If desired, you can permanently print part of front rear with company logo or company details in the black or in full color.

Working with other badge printers ??

Our software works, of course, with any other type of badge printer. Badge printers of the brand Evolis as well as from other brands such as Zebra can be used.
The big disadvantage of these other printers is that you can’t reuse the badges.
The cost for these plastic “disposable” badge + ribbon of Evolis printers is 0.11€.

Basics of the software

  • You can use the software both as a standalone solution or as network solution.
  • Its proprietary database can be placed locally or on the network.
  • A simple graphical screen allows easy-to-use software.
  • Windows-based software: major advantage compared to Web-based systems: Your visitor data is stored in a secure database on your server/pc and can only be consulted on PCs equipped with the visitors registration program (100% safe).

Several Customers visitors registration

Jan De Nul

Jan De Nul Aalst

Federaal parlement

Federaal parlement Brussel

Politiezone RIHO

ABP Roeselare

MSK Gent

Museum voor Schone Kunsten Gent



Jan De Nul Federaal parlement Politiezone RIHO MSK Gent Bezoekersonthaal

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